Si Phan Islands (4000 Islands )

price: $125.00 Per Person

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Si Phan Islands (4000 Islands )

price: $125.00 Per Person

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Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands ) is a group of islands in the Mekong River in Southern Laos. The Four Thousand Islands have three main destinations for travellers:Don (Island) Khong is the biggest, but apart from the usual chill&look there's nothing great to do there. Most people head to Don Det or Don Khon, where accommodation is cheaper, you can walk to one of the big Mekong-Falls by yourself, and biking and walking and swimming in the river is just the same as in Don Khong.

A beautiful set of islands, set against a lazy and winding section of the Mekong. Be sure to check out the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia, and have conversations with the friendly locals. Outside of the tourist town, one can get a glimpse of local people, rice farms and plenty of farm animals, especially cows. There are also several temples about of average quality, however, it is interesting to get away from the tourists to see the locals and their life.

Beer Lao on the Mekong. Available about every 200 feet on the island, and big bottles for 12,000 Kip, or 10,000 on Don Khong. Head toward the west part of the island (where there are only a few guesthouses) for a great view of the sunset.

Fruit Shakes on every menu. About 10000 kip. In most places they switch on the generators for preperation fans and music will work for some minutes (not in Don Det anymore).

The Don Det community, like most of Laos, closes down at around 11 PM. There is usually one place that might stay rocking for another hour or so.


EX: Pakse:
After an early morning breakfast, we cross over to the Mekong to Ban Muang and drive south to Ban Hatsaikhone, where we board a local private boat for a boat tour of the 4000 Islands. We reach the picturesque island of Don Khone by lunchtime, and in the afternoon explore the island by bicycle, tracing the route of an old abandoned railway and admiring some of the old French Colonial buildings, and the beautiful Liphi Waterfall. We then return to our boat and head back to the mainland, visiting the spectacular Khone Phapheng Falls, one of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in Southeast Asia. In the late afternoon we drive back to Ban Muang, and cross the Mekong back to your hotel, arriving there by early evening.

English Speaking local guide
Entrance Fees
Drinking Water,
Local transportation and boat trip
Lunch at local restaurant



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