Bamboo Train in Battambang has stopped its operations

Published at: 2017-October-10

Battambang’s bamboo train is one of the world’s all-time unique rail journeys. From O Dambong, 3.7km east of Battambang’s old French bridge (Wat Kor Bridge), the train bumps 7km southeast to O Sra Lav along warped, misaligned rails and vertiginous bridges left by the French. The journey takes 20 minutes each way, with a 20-minute stop at O Sra Lav in between.

However, as of 01 October 2017, the train's operation has stop running. Rumour has it that a local entrepreneur will finance a track to be laid on private land in the nearish future, allowing tourists to experience a reinvention of the bamboo rattler.

NOTE: The image was taking by Nikky Tuk Tuk Battambang at the station on 2nd October.


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