Visa Requirements for Indochina & Beyond

One of the most important aspects of planning your trip is to get a clear understanding of the legal situation in each country you are visiting. Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to enter your chosen country, a residence permit and/or work permit.

Cambodia Tourist Visa: Online: A one month e-visa can be obtained online in advance from: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, at: All you need to do is complete the online application form and pay with your credit card. After receiving your visa by email, print it out and bring it along when you travel to Cambodia. Please note that NOT all foreign passport holders can apply for a visa online, so please check with your nearest Cambodian Embassy for the specific visa requirements for your country.

On Arrival: Alternatively, one month tourist visas are issued on arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports. Please note that, as with the e-visa, NOT all foreign passport holders can get a visa on arrival, so please check with the nearest Cambodian Embassy for the specific visa requirements for your country.

Laos Tourist Visa: Unless you hold a passport from Japan or one of the ASEAN member states, you’ll need a visa to enter Laos. The good news is that you probably won’t need to arrange it in advance; thirty-day visas are now available on arrival at most international borders. Note that all visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time of entry into Laos. For more information, please visit

Myanmar Tourist Visa: Unless you hold a passport from an ASEAN member state, you will need a visa to enter Myanmar. The good news is that you can now apply for an e-visa prior to travel; it takes less than two days to get a visa approval letter. Print this out before you board your flight to Myanmar. Note that all visitors must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months from the time of entry into Myanmar. The visas are valid for three months from the date of issue, and allow you to travel for 28 days inside the country. For more information, please contact us at: inquiry [at], or apply for an e-visa at:

Vietnam Tourist Visas: You will need a visa to enter Vietnam, and make sure you get the correct visa for your trip based on the purpose of travel and the destination. The safest option is to get a visa from a Vietnamese Embassy before you travel. If you plan to leave Vietnam and re-enter from another country, make sure you get a multiple entry visa. There are legitimate companies that can arrange visas on arrival, but you must organize these before you arrive in Vietnam. For more information, please visit the Embassy Website or email us at: inquiry [at]


Asia Expeditions DMC
Our Travel Consultants are experts and thoroughly familiar with the most exciting travel destinations available to meet your budget requirements and exceed your expectations. Asia Expeditions is proud to offer corporate travel solutions to our clients. We consistently provide innovative travel programs and can adapt our services based on the needs of each individual client. For over 4o years we have catered to small, midsized and large corporations and have the experience to handle any needs and demands. Our clients rely on us for our knowledge, best pricing practices, adherence to corporate policy, highest customer service levels and being there for them when it really counts.

Our team is eager to put their experience and resources to work for you. Feel free to contact us for your quote.

Esther ( Thin Thin Aye ) Founder
Esther, who is from Myanmar, is the founder of Asia Expeditions Group, a destination management company with its head office in Phnomnh, Cambodia and a branch office in Yangon, Myanmar. Esther graduated from Yangon University in the late 1990s. Though her family resides in Myaungmya – in the Irrawaddy Delta, she spent the first five years of her working life in Yangon working for a travel company, before moving to Cambodia in 1999.

She first worked for a marketing agency in Cambodia, as a Brand Manager, and at that time she spent a lot of time travelling to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Having developed a passion for travelling, she decided to see if she could combine this passion with her work, and this dream became a reality in 2006 when she set-up Asia Expeditions in Phnom Penh. She works very hard, and it is that which has helped Asia Expeditions grow steadily since then.

Esther is the proud mother of two lovely daughters, Julie and Grace.

Travel Tips for Southeast Asia

Traveling in Southeast Asia may bring you into contact with things that you are not used to, such as the tropical climate, the exotic Asian food, the water and air. Such a new environment can at times lead to sickness, so our team would like to offer some tips for ensuring you stay as healthy as possible and so can fully enjoy your travel experience:

1) Vaccinations: The first thing you should do before heading to Southeast Asian countries is to find out whether you need vaccinations, so please check this with the relevant doctor, clinic or hospital.

2) Altitude sickness: This is a common problem experienced when visiting high altitude areas. Caused by dry air, a decrease in oxygen and low barometric pressure, it can result in headaches, dehydration and a shortness of breath. Please find out whether you are traveling to a high altitude area before you travel, to see if altitude sickness may be a problem for you during your trip. A drug called acetazolamide can help relieve and prevent symptoms of altitude sickness, but it is always better to discuss it with your doctor before you travel.

3) Diarrhea:  Also known as turista, this occurs when foreign bacteria enter the digestive tract after eating contaminated food or water. The best way to prevent diarrhea is to be very mindful of what food you eat and water you drink.

4) Water: One of the most important things to remember when wishing to stay healthy during your trip to Southeast Asia is to only drink bottled water. A range of bacteria, viruses and parasites can commonly be found in the region’s tap water, so if you really cannot buy bottled water, be sure to boil the tap water first then purify it with an iodine tablet if possible. Keep in mind that even when brushing your teeth, rinsing contact lenses, drinking small amounts of water to wash down pills, or ordering a drink with ice in a café/bar, take precautions to ensure the water is safe.

5) Food: Any food that has been boiled is generally safe, but fruit and vegetables should be washed and/or peeled before eating. It is also best to avoid eating uncooked or undercooked meat. Stay away from food that requires a lot of handling before serving, and if you wish to sample an exotic dish such as spiders or cockroaches, be sure to have eaten and have a full stomach first.

What to take with you:

1) If necessary take your own medications, those you use on a daily basis, as it may be hard to find them in the remote areas of Southeast Asian countries. Even if you do find them on sale, the formulations may be stronger or weaker than those you are used to using. Always take your own inhalers, allergy medications and insulin, as well as contact lens solution. Remember that the different climate, environment and food may cause allergies and reactions that you do not expect, so it’s always best to prepare for such scenarios.

2) Before you leave your country, take a copy of your medical history with you and be sure that it includes the following information:

– Your name, address and passport number

– Emergency contact information: Names and address of family members, relatives and friends.

– Medical contact information: Name and address of your doctor or clinic

– Insurance contact information: Name, address and telephone number of your insurance provider

Your blood type, plus list of immunizations and vaccinations

– A list of any ongoing health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, AIDS etc

– A list of allergies to food, medications, insects or animals

– A list of any medications you are currently taking, with receipts

– A prescription for glasses or contact lenses

Personal Safety

Be aware of your surroundings, because Southeast Asia can seem chaotic to the first time traveler. Road rules are not the same as they are overseas; traffic, and the ay people drive is different. However, it is nothing to be worried about as long as you are careful and follow the ‘rules of the crowd’. Avoid isolated locations and, as elsewhere, it is better not to walk alone after dark. Always keep an eye on your bag, phone or other electronic equipment, and never keep all your cash in one place. Be aware of street robbers.

Follow these tips, and we are sure you will be able to focus on the culture and scenery, and enjoy your journeys!

HOLIDAY BOOKINGS   Angkor Wat – Code of Conduct > Download PDF

Based on your interests type of travel arrangements and destinations, our travel experts will assist you for organizing your travel plan. Once packages are confirmed, all the bookings should be booked by email or fax.

For any unexpected events such as flight delays, regional riots, natural disasters, etc…We, Asia Expeditions have reserve the right to provide alternative accommodation or switch around programs if, due to reasons beyond its control, hotels, flights or any other services as mentioned in the programs cannot be confirmed.

All prices quoted to the Clients are on a net basis and in United States Dollars, and are valid in accordance with the date specified on our printed tariffs and/or quotation and/or confirmation email issued/sent to the Clients.

It is your responsibility to arrange visas before traveling. You can obtain visa on arrival in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. For Vietnam, Vietnam visa on arrival is also available upon request and minimum 7 working days. Service fees will be applied for any requests.

During your holidays in Indochina, you will have your own interests and explore at your pace, however any optional activities that runs from any operators or yourself are not part of Asia Expeditions program/itinerary, we make no representation about safety.

A 25% of total holiday price is required as deposit upon receiving confirmation email. The balance should be settled at least 21 days before arrival. There is service charge/bank charge for payment by credit card, swift or telegraphic transfer, all of which must be borne by the Clients, except CASH on arrival. Our bank information will be sent to you with our proforma-invoice.

If you cancel your holiday, you must inform us in writing before the departure date. Based on your written instructions before your departure date, cancellation fees will be applied as follows:
45 days or more: No cancellation fee and your deposit will be refunded, however you will have to bear the bank charges for any refunds.

  • 44 days – 30 days: 25% of total tour package price
  • 29 days – 21 days: 50% of total tour package price
  • 20 days – 15 days: 75% of total tour package price
  • 14 day or no show: 100% of total tour package price
  • After commencement of travel no refund either in full or in part, will be given for unused services included in the program unless it is directly caused by Asia Expeditions.

Child under 10 years old is generally granted a reduction of 40% of the tour price, provided that he/she is accompanied by at least two full-paying adults and stays in the same room in an existing bed. Or, please contact us to quote special price if you have more than one child. Please also check with us for Child Airfare before booking with us.

Detailed confirmation email / invoice sent by Asia Expeditions are considered as Vouchers for your holiday. However, upon your arrival, all travel documents will be delivered by our representative/tour guide.

Asia Expeditions Co., Ltd. acts solely as an intermediary between the passenger, his travel agent or tour operator and local airlines, hotels, restaurants, boat companies and ground transportation companies. While we shall undertake every effort to provide tour arrangements exactly as per our itineraries, we cannot accept any legal liability on behalf of these independent entities in case of any irregularities or other untoward incidents that may occur during travel arrangements in Cambodia and beyond. Asia Expeditions Co. Ltd. bly suggests that passengers take out adequate private insurance coverage before any trip to Cambodia and beyond.

Asia Expeditions Co., Ltd. also reserves the right to provide alternative accommodation or switch around programs if, due to reasons beyond its control, hotels, flights or any other services as mentioned in the programs cannot be confirmed. However, Asia Expeditions will endeavor to find the best possible alternatives in order to maintain the standard of quality of arrangements originally confirmed. 

1) Asia Expeditions is a highly experienced and high quality destination management company which offers personalized tour and events planning and management activities. Avoid having to search the internet or visit travel agents; let us arrange everything and carry out all the time consuming work planning an itinerary for you. Our competitive advantage comes from our directors’ and staffs’ levels of knowledge, experience and expertise, and their keen understanding of the inbound leisure, business travel, and meeting, incentives, conference and event management (M.I.C.E) sectors.

2) Asia Expeditions provides a personalized service. We will keep in mind all your preferences and wishes, and give you professional recommendations based on more than a decade’s experience in the travel industry. Whether your interests are in history, art, religion, sport, women’s studies, politics, or just about anything you can imagine, we have programs and have developed personalized excursions for people of all ages and curiosities. Our travel consultants will be happy to support you, from the planning of your trip all the way to your flight home!

3) Asia Expeditions is your advocate on Southeast Asian countries. We are a regional company but provide an international level of service; we know all the best remote and unexplored locations, understand all the local cultures and rules of behavior, and also how unpredictable South East Asia can be. This is why our tours and programs are tailored to suit your travel interests, to protect you from unexpected problems and to make your travel experience unforgettable.

4) Asia Expeditions is a reliable, trusted and leading travel company based in Southeast Asia. We operate successfully in liaison with partners from different countries, and it is our intention to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, as the best way to provide high quality international travel services.

5) Asia Expeditions operates a responsible tourism policy: As a locally owned and operated company, we aim to support our local countries’ economies and advise tourists to pay attention to the different ways they can help Southeast Asian countries with their development, as well as the problems associated with this.

6) Asia Expeditions is a bespoke travel tour company: Our philosophy is to offer you an unforgettable holiday that will be cherished forever. To achieve this goal, we will create an itinerary that matches your interests in terms of activities and entertainment, and will be glad to lay on an adventure, from a balloon ride through to trekking tours, perfect golf programs or cooking classes. We want to make sure you have a wonderful and memorable time in Southeast Asia.

7) Asia Expeditions is a member of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents and Union of Myanmar Travel Association, meaning we are trusted and experienced company which offers an officially approved and high level of service.


Cambodia Public Holidays 2017

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun International New Year Day
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday
7 Jan Sat Victory over Genocidal Regime Day
11 Feb Sat Meak Bochea Day
8 Mar Wed International Women’s Day
14 – 17 Apr Fri – Mon Khmer New Year
1 May Mon International Labor Day
10 May Wed Visak Bochea Day
13 – 16 May Sat King’s Birthday, Norodom Sihamoni
14 May Sun Royal Plowing Ceremony
1 Jun Thu International Children’s Day
18 -19 Jun Sun – Mon King’s Mother Birthday,
Norodom Monineath Sihanouk
19 – 21 Sep Tue- Thu Pchum Ben
24 – 25 Sep Sun – Mon Constitution Day
15 Oct Sun Commemoration Day of King’s Father,
Norodom Sihanouk
16 Oct Mon Commemoration Day of King’s Father,
Norodom Sihanouk Holiday
23 Oct Mon Paris Peace Agreements Day
29 – 30 Oct Sun – Mon King Norodom Sihamoni
Coronation Day
2 – 6 Nov Thu – Mon Bon Om Touk /
Water Festival
9 Nov Thu Independence Day
10 – 11 Dec Sun – Mon International Human Rights Day


Myanmar Holidays – 2017

Date Day Holiday
4 Jan Wed Independence Day
12 Feb Sun Union Day
2 Mar Thu Peasants’ Day
12 Mar Sun Full Moon Day of Tabaung
27 Mar Mon Armed Forces Day
12 Apr Wed Public Holiday
13 Apr – 21 April Thu Maha Thingyan (Water Festival)
1 May Mon May Day
10 May Wed Full Moon Day of Kasong
8 Jul Sat Full Moon Day of Waso
(Beginning of Buddhist Lent)
19 Jul Wed Martyr’s Day
5 Oct Thu Full Moon Day of Thadingyut
(End of Buddhist Lent)
3 Nov Fri Full Moon of Tazaungmone
13 Nov Mon National Day
25 Dec Mon Christmas Day


Laos Public Holidays 2017

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year’s Day Holiday
8 Mar Wed International Women’s Day
14 – 16 Apr Fri-Sun Lao New Year (Pi Mai)
1 May Mon Labour Day
1 Jun Thu Children’s Day
8 Jul Sat Khao Pansa (Buddhist Fast Begins)
5 Oct Thu Bouk Ok Pansa (Buddhist Fast Ends)
6 Oct Fri Boat Racing Festival at Mekhong (Vientiane)
7 Oct Sat Day of Liberation
14 Nov Tue That Luang Festival
1 Dec Fri Lao National Day Holiday
2 Dec Sat Lao National Day


Thailand Public Holidays 2017

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year Holiday
11 Feb Sat Magha Puja Day
13 Feb Mon Magha Puja Holiday
6 Apr Thu Chakri Memorial Day
13 – 17 Apr Thu-Mon Songkran Festival
1 May Mon National Labour Day
5 May Fri Coronation Day
10 May Wed Visakha Bucha Day
11 Jul Tue Khao Phansa Day
12 Aug Sat Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday
14 Aug Mon Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday
23 Oct Mon Chulalongkorn Memorial Day
5 Dec Tue His Majesty the King’s Birthday
10 Dec Sun Constitution Day
11 Dec Mon Constitution Day
31 Dec Sun New Year’s Eve


Vietnam Holidays List of 2017

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Sun New Year’s Day
2 Jan Mon New Year’s Day Holiday
27 Jan – 02 Feb Fri -Thu Lunar New Year Eve
6 Apr Thu Hung Kings Commemoration Day
30 Apr Sun Reunification Day
1 May Mon Labor Day
2 May Tue Reunification Day Holiday
2 Sep Sat National Day
4 Sep Mon National Day Holiday




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