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The heart of Southeast Asia, practically isolated from foreign influence, Laos offer it visitor's unparalleled glimpse of traditional Indochina life. Geographically situated between five neighboring countries: China on the north of the country, Myanmar (Burma) on the North West, Thailand on the west, Kingdom of Cambodia on the south and all east line with Vietnam. The great waters of mightily Mekong River (Nam Khong) runs the entire length of the country, providing fertile flood plains for agriculture plays a role of main transportation artery.

The country with one of the most pristine ecologies in South-East Asia, Laos consist primarily of varieties of monsoon forests, teak, Asian rosewood and bamboo that covers about 50 per cent of the country while another part of it secondary growth and develop.

Laos is a truly land of stunning natural beauty, steamy rainforests, mystical mountains and glistening rice paddies unite with rich cultural heritage that offers an exotic vacation escape unlike any other. Head off the beaten path and trek through cascading waterfalls and ancient limestone caves stuffed with gold Buddha images, colorful hill tribe villages, explore ancient mysterious monuments on the Plain of Jars. Hospitability of locals with their laid-back attitude, inviting and welcoming smile will not leave indifferent any visitor.



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