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Kingdom of Cambodia, a part of South-East Asia, shared borders with Thailand and Laos on the West and North, and with Vietnam on the East and the Southeast. The country is bounded on the Southeast by the Golf of Thailand. Cambodia is a gradually developing country that can truly present an Asian exotic and Indochinese charm for every visitor.

Rich cultural history, marred by terrible recent past, nowadays formed a two faces of Cambodia: one shiny and happy, the other dark and complex. Remote forests and peaceful landscapes in the northeast, abundant natural attractions and empty beaches in the south, mighty rivers crossing all country contrast again magnificent ancient temples, Killing Fields and genocide museums symbolizing a symmetry and spirituality of Khmer Empire and violence of nearly recent past years.

Reborn Kingdom of Cambodia discovered for tourism that has brought many benefits to a country: opening of high quality hotels and restaurants, upgrading of roads and all transport links, increasing direct flights, improving a standards of service and providing opportunity and employment for a new generation. Hospitable and open for everybody who want to feel a thrilling culture, Kingdom of Cambodia ready to offer unforgettable holidays that’s suites any tourist preferences.


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